Kim Bansi

A content creator, writer, presenter and producer. I'm passionate about telling stories that haven't been told before.  

Hello everyone! 

For those of you who don't know me, I'm Kim. I'm a content creator, which in normal people speak means I write things, I make videos and I make a lot of stuff you see on social media. Why have I decided to create this account and blog? Because for lots of young brown women, like me, there is not one place where we can go for reliable info on books, movies, articles, general life advice and find out about the achievements of other brown women. A lot of the mainstream media is written from one perspective, as I'm sure you're all aware so I won't bore you with a lecture on this, so I aim to use this platform as a place where you can hear from at least one diverse voice. I'll start by sharing some things I've made, but hopefully in the future we can grow this platform together! 

Professionally, I've worked in PR, marketing, for a charity and now the student app UNiDAYS. At UNiDAYS, I've had the chance to create content for some of the biggest brands in the world and create the piece of content I'm most proud of; Rewired: Ditch the Razor. 

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