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10 Creative ways to combat a heatwave in London

During those winter months of colds, sniffles and defrosting cars we often find ourselves praying for the sun to rear its head. Yet when that time does come around we inevitably find ourselves paralysed by the heat, unable to do much other than seek refuge under a shaded tree. While it may seem that we have only learnt to function in low temperatures, there is hope yet. There is plenty to do and see during this heatwave that doesn't involve sweltering in the sun and watching our skin frazzle under its rays. Here's 10 ways to enjoy the hot weather by thinking outside the box!

Take a trip to the Ice bar

At some point or another we’ve all resorted to sticking our head in the fridge to get a bit of relief from the sweltering heat, but there is something a little more glamourous which has the same effect. Take a trip to the Ice Bar which is located just off Regent Street in the midst of the Heddon Street Food Quarter. The bar, which is always kept at -5 degrees, will feel like a perfect relief in the height of summer. With the wall, bars, tables and even your glass made of ice there no chance of a bead of sweat in this place!

Visit your local Lido

We all know that when we start to swelter in this weather, nothing feels better than plunging into a body of water. However, this can be a bit tricky considering we don't all have the luxury of a pool in our back gardens! Dotted across the capital are numerous lidos in locations as vast as the Tooting Bec, Ruislip and even the Serpentine Lido. So grab your towel and swimsuit and head down to your nearest one now.

Have a drink at a rooftop bar

Where best to get some of that cool, much needed breeze than at the top of a building? When temperatures start to rise rooftop bars seem to pop up in all locations from the very classy Radio Rooftop Bar on the Strand to the more chilled vibes of Frank’s café in Peckham.  As well as enjoying the much needed air, you can of course down a refreshingly fruity cocktail or ice cold beer which will soon have you feeling rejuvenated in no time at all.

Explore the Chislehurst caves

For those of you who have endured the warmth for long enough, and are now ready for a complete shut off from the high temperatures, the Chislehurst Caves could prove very appealing. Not only will you be escaping the sun, but by taking a guided tour through these historical caves, located 30 mins from London Bridge in Kent, you will discover a whole world of mystery and history.

Learn the flying trapeze

During a heatwave it can sometimes feel like there hasn’t been a single gust of wind for days and even as you stick your head by the fan you can never really get cool. Yet, if you’re up for a bit of adventure there is no better time to swing through the air and catch some of that breeze, all whilst pretending to be an acrobat. Gorilla Circus put on tons of classes for all abilities around London so make sure you don’t miss out.

Plunge into an Ice cold dip at a Spa

While most spas are associated with their saunas and steam rooms, in the midst of a heatwave be sure to take advantage of the cold facilities spas have to offer which will certainly leave you feeling chilled, in all sense of the word. Most spas have an ice cold plunge pool and the Thermal Spa in Wimbledon even has an Ice Fountain that creates icy flakes for you to rub all over your body.

Quench your thirst at an underground bar

London is now littered with secret (and not so secret) underground bars which draw in the masses nightly. After a day spent soaking up the sun, these underground bars can become the perfect haven for a thirst-quenching beverage in a cool (in more ways than one) environment. If you visit the Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town, located within the Breakfast Club on Artillery Lane, you will literally have to walk through a Smeg fridge door in order to enter the bar so you know you definitely won’t be fanning yourself all night.

Take an Ice cream making class

On a scorching day there is nothing better than the sound of the ice cream man driving down the street. Now, you can be your very own ice cream maker by attending one of Blu Top’s ice cream classes. The sessions will cover how to make your own ice cream from home and the best part is the taste test at the end!

Start your day with an Early Morning Rave

Words associated with ‘rave’ include ‘sweaty’ and ‘sticky’ so you may be wondering why this activity features on this list. However, Morning Gloryville organise a very different kind of rave which starts at 6:30am and ends around 10:30am- way before the sun has had a chance to even get going yet. With free massages and organic coffees and smoothies on offer, you can cram in all your day’s fun way before heat really gets turned up.

Go White Water Rafting

Lea Valley water sports centre was originally built for the Olympics back on 2012, but is now used for a variety of aquatic activities. One of these said activities is white water rafting where you’ll be hurling down the Olympic course with a group of friends. The best thing is, even if you’re absolutely terrible at it, you’ll get a nice cool off when you take a dive into the water.

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