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Let's talk about periods...*

Well done for clicking the link. The title didn't manage to put you off in any way. And why should it? 50% of all human beings have periods, yet its something that people shy and cringe away from.

I was reminded of this the other day as I bent underneath my desk at work and unceremoniously stuffed my sanitary towel up my sleeve before heading to the toilet. As if it wasn't bad enough women's clothes fail to include any pockets, I now found myself walking through my colleagues praying that my pad didn't drop on the floor like some kind of package of shame. And I've seen this happen to many other girls too. Tampon tucked under wrist watches, pad in the bra, moon cup in the waistband, ok maybe not moon cup but you get the idea!

This got me thinking... Why oh why is it such an avoided topic? In fact, I  take that back. Men loooove to crack the old 'time of the month' joke to which we as women just loooove to hear. Yes, that's right Nigel- right now my hormones are on a bit of a roller coaster and my body is in high amounts of physical pain so yes, that's right, when you're cracking the same lame joke for the 50th time I'm not going to be thrilled about it.

Speaking about periods is avoided so much so, that when this Chinese Olympian said she didn't perform her best because she came on her period, social media went into overdrive:

So why are we made to feel so abnormal? So abnormal in fact that even when we switch on our favourite TV programme lo and behold not a period in sight. Remember that ep where Monica asked Rachel to borrow a tampon cos she'd ran out? Or remember the episode where Carrie accidentally leaks on her bed and spends all day washing and drying her bed sheets? Nope didn't think so. I mean even Daenerys bloody Targaryen doesn't mention when she's on the blob and she's Daenerys Stormborn of the house Targaryen, First of her name, the Unburnt, Queen of the Andals and the First Men, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Breaker of Chains, and Mother of Dragons bla bla- she can ride dragons but noooo even she can't talk about her cramps.

It's also crazy how after George Osborne promised back in March to scrap the 'tampon tax', which deems sanitary products as 'luxury items' (grrr), the government has gone all quiet and we're still paying for this quite ridiculous tax.

Whilst I do love hearing the code names my fellow females have given their period: the blob, my Tom (time of month), the colonel is in town, riding the Crimson wave, got the painters in, red wedding, riding the cotton pony, Aunt Flo paying a visit... I do feel sad that we even have to 'code' it at all.

When a guy is not feeling his 100%, at work or home, we definitely know about it. Echoes of 'God my throat is killing' never seem to end yet heaven forbid we let anyone know we are on our period.

So everyone lets just grow up and accept periods are real and half the population has to endure them, so how about we don't pretend like they don't exist?!

*this post was fuelled by some period fury

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